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Can I use a high pressure water cleaner?

You can only use a high pressure water cleaner or hand held hose to spray buildings, building sites, demolition sites, paths, paved areas and roads to: fight fires; avoid a threat to public health or safety (eg: cleaning up a chemical spill); and construct, demolish or repair buildings, paved areas and roads.


Can I test my irrigation system?

Irrigation can only be tested following repairs or installation, and you should only undertake testing on your allocated watering days and times. You may use an irrigation system for a maximum of 2 minutes per station to test the components are working. Please note: you must be in attendance in the garden area where the sprinklers are operating, there must be some evidence of the repairs or evidence that the system has just been installed and inspectors will ask to view repairs.


How is a community garden defined?

A community garden is defined as a garden that: 

  • Is managed by a community group and/or a not-for-profit organisation
  • Involves the participation of the wider community and/or a specific community (e.g. retirement village) in the day to day operation of the garden
  • Includes growing fruit, vegetables and herbs as primary activities


When should I apply for a watering exemption

Only apply for an exemption on the day of lawn or garden installation.


Can I hand water my garden?

Although there are restrictions in place for irrigation use, hand watering is allowed. This means you can use a watering can or hand-held hose (as long as the hose only has 1 outlet) on any day of the week. Remember to only water either before 9am or after 6pm.


Can I water a commercial market garden or plant nursery?

Yes. You can water all produce and plants for sale in market gardens and nurseries but not surrounding lawns and gardens.


What types of products can apply to use the Waterwise label?

The Waterwise Products Program focuses on water savings that can be achieved in the garden and includes any water saving product that falls into one of the Smart Approved WaterMark categories.


Why are only Smart Approved WaterMark products eligible for the Waterwise Products Program?

Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia’s water conservation label, identifying and promoting products and services that help to save water.


Can my product carry both the Waterwise logo and the Smart WaterMark label?

Yes, we would strongly encourage you to feature both labels. The Waterwise logo is unique to WA and endorses waterwise products and services.


How can I reduce water use in my office?

There are many ways you and your colleagues can save water in the office. Simple actions such as encouraging all colleagues to turn off taps, and introducing a maintenance scheme to fix leaking taps can all add up to big water and cost savings in the workplace.