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What is the difference between water restrictions and permanent water efficiency measures?

Temporary water restrictions are short term measures imposed in times of drought or emergency in order to reduce demand and conserve water supply for essential needs. Water restrictions specifically target non-essential uses, such as garden irrigation. Permanent water efficiency measures are in place to ensure best practice for the efficient use of outdoor water use. They include the sprinkler watering rosters which are ongoing, rather than temporary.


What if I've just installed my lawn during the Winter Sprinkler Switch-off?

If you've just installed a new lawn, you can apply for a new lawn exemption allowing you to water as necessary until it is established. You can apply for a new lawn exemption through our online form.


Can I test my irrigation system?

Irrigation can only be tested following repairs or installation, and you should only undertake testing on your allocated watering days and times. You may use an irrigation system for a maximum of 2 minutes per station to test the components are working. Please note: you must be in attendance in the garden area where the sprinklers are operating, there must be some evidence of the repairs or evidence that the system has just been installed and inspectors will ask to view repairs.


Can I use a high pressure water cleaner?

You can only use a high pressure water cleaner or hand held hose to spray buildings, building sites, demolition sites, paths, paved areas and roads to: fight fires; avoid a threat to public health or safety (eg: cleaning up a chemical spill); and construct, demolish or repair buildings, paved areas and roads.


How is a community garden defined?

A community garden is defined as a garden that: 

  • Is managed by a community group and/or a not-for-profit organisation
  • Involves the participation of the wider community and/or a specific community (e.g. retirement village) in the day to day operation of the garden
  • Includes growing fruit, vegetables and herbs as primary activities


When should I apply for a watering exemption

Only apply for an exemption on the day of lawn or garden installation.


But won’t my garden die? I definitely need to water my lawn during the Winter Sprinkler Switch-off!

Winter brings with it cooler temperatures and lower evaporation rates which means the plants in our gardens don’t need as much water.


Can I get a watering exemption if I have a garden bore

Yes, if you have a garden bore you will still need to apply for an exemption to water outside the normal watering roster.


I live in an apartment and don't have a garden, what can I do to save water?

There are many ways you can save water inside the home. Limiting your showers to 4 minues or less, not leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth and installing a daul flush toilet are all great water saving ideas. Click here to find more ways to save water in your home.


I have a bore - can I still use my sprinklers/maintenance test during the Winter Sprinkler Switch-off?

Like scheme water, bore water is still water and a resource that should be used wisely. The Winter Sprinkler Switch-off applies to scheme and bore users, and if our inspectors catch a bore user not following the rosters we pass it on to Department of Water who issue infringements and are responsible for bore water licensing.