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I own a caravan park, can I water outside of my watering roster?

A standard drink of 10mm can be applied to a caravan park or camping ground site immediately after it has been vacated.


Are there fines for not complying with exemption conditions?

If you are found not to comply with the exemption conditions, you may receive a fine of up to $500 which may be modified to a $100 on the spot fine. The breach will be the responsibility of the property owner, not the person who installed the lawn, plants and irrigation system.


Are there restrictions for bore water users?

Yes, bore water is still water and a resource that should be used wisely. Sprinkler rosters and times apply to scheme and bore users, and if our inspectors catch a bore user not following the rosters we pass it on to Department of Water who issue infringements and are responsible for bore water licensing.


Can I finish the exemption period earlier than the date on the certificate?

Yes, if you wish to revert to the normal watering days prior to the exemption finishing, you can do so without notifying us.


Can I get fined if I water outside of my rostered watering days?

Yes, you can. Our inspectors are out in force 7 days a week and all complaints are investigated, with $100 on the spot fines issued for breaches of watering rosters.


Can I water my gardens and lawns using an irrigation system in both the morning and evening of my allocated watering days?

No you can’t – you can only water ONCE on your rostered watering day, either in the morning before 9am or in the evening after 6pm.


Can I water sporting grounds using sprinklers?

Yes, grass covered sporting grounds can be watered with sprinklers although only once before 9am or after 6pm, 3 days per week.


What if I've just installed my lawn during the Winter Sprinkler Switch-off?

If you've just installed a new lawn, you can apply for a new lawn exemption allowing you to water as necessary until it is established. You can apply for a new lawn exemption through our online form.


What is the difference between water restrictions and permanent water efficiency measures?

Temporary water restrictions are short term measures imposed in times of drought or emergency in order to reduce demand and conserve water supply for essential needs. Water restrictions specifically target non-essential uses, such as garden irrigation. Permanent water efficiency measures are in place to ensure best practice for the efficient use of outdoor water use. They include the sprinkler watering rosters which are ongoing, rather than temporary.


What is the Waterwise products endorsement program?

Water Corporation, with support from Smart Approved WaterMark, Australia’s water conservation label, has developed the Waterwise product endorsement program. This program enables endorsement of waterwise products to provide consumers in WA with increased confidence when purchasing water saving products for use in the garden.