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When can I expect payment?

Our standard payment terms are “Due on the 28th of next month after claim entry date”, unless alternative terms have been negotiated.


How do I process a credit note?

Credit notes cannot be processed through the supplier portal.


Who is the Technical Sponsor?

If you have selected a category with a technical sponsor, you’ll be provided with an email address to contact.


Is there training information for the supplier portal?

There are various eLearning videos and quick reference sheets published on our website and within the supplier portal for each transaction.


How do I get on a panel?

We have Panels of Preferred Suppliers for goods and services commonly used throughout the state.


How do I update our company or user information?

You can update your own information using the supplier profile transaction in the supplier portal.


What is a Technical Sponsor?

This is a person within Water Corporation who’s responsible for establishing criteria, and assessing a supplier’s capability to provide critical goods/services.


How can I access the portal?

Access to the supplier portal is available via eProcurement. If you are having trouble with your login details, check out our handy quick reference sheet.


What is the supplier portal?

The supplier portal (or eProcurement) provides an easy platform for suppliers to transact with us in real time.


On the claim for payment screen, what should be recorded in the Description/Your Reference fields?

Select this FAQ for more detailed information.