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How do I request to have my meter moved and how much does it cost?

You can request to have your meter moved through BuilderNet. 

Please refer to our Water supply service fees for further information about the cost of meter relocations.

If your meter is moved more than 0.5m from it's existing position, you may also need to engage a plumber to relocate your internal water pipes. Water meters must remain within 1.5 m of your property boundary.

To request a meter relocation now, log in to BuilderNet as a guest user, and then click on 'Lodge a water service application'.



What is an easement and how does it affect my proposed building?

An easement is a notification on your title deed outlining where restrictions may apply. It may affect the approval of your proposed building depending on the structure type.


What happens if I don't want to submit a building application?

If you don't gain the necessary approval by submitting a building application and paying the associated fees you could be up for a $7,500 fine. Illegal buildings can also affect the future sale of your property.


I am selling my property do you need to disconnect my water?

No, we do not disconnect the water supply when a property is vacated. The settlement agents will arrange a final reading of the water meter.


Why do I have to pay for my tenant's water use?

The legislation under which we are licensed to operate holds the owner of a property liable  for all service charges and water use charges.

While you may require your tenants to pay the charges for water use, this arrangement remains a private matter between yourselves.


How are infrastructure contributions (previously referred to as headworks) calculated?

Infrastructure contributions (previously referred to as headworks) are based on meter size and flow rate for building developments. Your developer/builder/plumber needs to let us know the required flow rate, in litres per minute, to service the development, and the charges are calculated based on this.


I want to subdivide my land,what do I do?

Depends on the subdivision type -Strata/Green Title and Vacant Strata or Bult Strata. Generally, would just apply through WAPC (WA Planning Commission). It might be worthwhile clarifying this with Development Services.


How do I change my mailing address for my water bill?

You can change your mailing address through our Change My Details form, or by calling us on 13 13 85.


Do I need permission to dig near a Water Corporation main?

If you are planning to dig, excavate or carry out any other ground disturbing work near our pipelines we strongly recommend you phone us on 13 13 75 at least five working days prior to the work commencing to discuss plans with a technical advisor.


I am moving homes and renting out my existing home, what do I need to do?

If you are a property owner you can use the change my details form to update the billing details for your property, including registering a tenant on the account.

Please note, even when the tenant is registered on the account the property owner is held responsible for all charges. We issue accounts to the tenant only as a courtesy to the owner.