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How do I know my requalification submission has been received?

When you submit documentation to be reviewed for requalification, you won’t receive an automated confirmation email.


Where can I see if I'm prequalified, and what I'm prequalified for?

The supplier profile transaction in our eProcurement supplier portal will display your current HSE and performance information.


What do I need to do if I sub-contract part of the works/services?

You must include details of any work to be sub-contracted in your HSE documents.


What happens when prequalification expires?

If your prequalification lapses, this could restrict your company’s ability to be engaged for future works.


What training materials are provided?

We have quick reference sheets and eLearning videos showing the new functionality of the supplier profile transaction. See the supplier portal page on the intranet.


What is HSE prequalification?

It's a way to show us you’re competent in identifying and managing your work’s associated HSE risks.


What if I'm not qualified for a category of work I want to provide?

Click the question to find out about the different scenarios that could happen, and the advice to follow for each.


My file size is too large for upload, what can I do?

We suggest compressing the documents with WinZip, select this FAQ for detailed steps.