Capital works program

Our capital works program is driven by population growth, water source development in response to a drying climate, increasing regulatory requirements and asset replacement.

Our Delivery Standard

Our Capital Delivery Standard includes both in-house and partner (external) elements.

Construction workers looking at plansPartner delivery

For the partner delivery strategy, we group works that are similar (based on asset type, technology or geographic location) into 'bundles'. 

In-house delivery

The remainder of the program is being delivered using a combination of our internal resources and construction contractors.

Current projects

View our current projects that are improving WA's water supply and services. 

Ongoing works & projects

Capital works industry briefing

Thank you to all the contractors who attended our capital works industry briefing on Thursday 21 July 2016.

A copy of the presentation if now available.

Capital works industry briefing presentation

If you have any questions about the briefing, email