Aboriginal suppliers

Message from the General Manager – Assets Delivery Group

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2015-18 seeks to further develop relationships with Aboriginal people across Western Australia.

A key objective of our RAP is to increase the number of contracts awarded to suppliers, which are 50% or more Aboriginal owned and operated.

The increased representation of Aboriginal suppliers in our procurement and supply chain is vital, because it stimulates growth for economic development in WA, creating both business and employment opportunities for our local communities.

We look forward to continuing this journey with our local suppliers across WA, so together we can forge a stronger path towards reconciliation.

Mark Leathersich
General Manager
Assets Delivery Group

2019 Aboriginal Supplier Tradeshow

As a part of our commitments to increase the participation of local Aboriginal suppliers across our business, we are launching our bi-annual Aboriginal Supplier Tradeshow on Friday 22 November 2019.

For any other information please call 13 13 85 to speak with Rizah Levi, Senior Advisor, Aboriginal Contractor Engagement.

Current tenders

If you are one of our Aboriginal suppliers and interested in viewing the list of open tenders, please visit our public tenders pageIf you aren't already registered, you can learn how to become one of our suppliers.  

For any other information please call 13 13 85 to speak with Rizah Levi, Senior Advisor, Aboriginal Contractor Engagement.

Aboriginal Suppliers Tradeshow 2017

In support of our Aboriginal Supplier Diversity Strategy, we hosted a tradeshow to showcase local Aboriginal businesses across WA. The event, held in October, was an opportunity for us to identify Aboriginal suppliers and link them to existing scope of works, future opportunities and connect them with other suppliers across WA.

 Sue Murphy and attendees at the 2017 Aboriginal tradeshow 

Increasing the participation of Aboriginal suppliers across the business is a key component of our Reconciliation Action Plan. We have been working very hard to raise awareness and educate our workforce on the diversity of Aboriginal suppliers currently registered with us at Water Corporation.