HPI alert - Foot crushed by telehandler (March 2017)

Mobile PlantHPI Alert #494

Date of Event: 20 March 2017


Organisational Factors

  • CRAW did not identify transporting materials on site as high risk
  • No SWMS for transporting materials on site
  • Change of work method was not risk assessed

Absent/Failed Defences

  • No tag line used; injured person (IP) ended up close to the Telehandler.

Task/Environmental Conditions

  • Laydown area distant from construction area
  • Ground conditions were uneven

Individual/Team Actions

  • IP decision not to use tag line for smaller load
  • Telehandler operator did not remind IP to use a tag line

Key Learnings

  • All mobile plant movements, including transporting loads, are high risk activities and must be covered in the CRAW, SWMS or Standard Work Instruction as relevant
  • High risk activities need to be captured in a SWMS and highlighted at daily pre-start
  • A change management risk assessment must be performed when changing tasks or methodology. For high risk activities, the supervisor must sign off on the change.

Questions for Leaders

  • How do we check that all contractor’s tasks aligned to our Safety Essentials have a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) developed which is properly authorised and reviewed daily?
  • Is the transport of materials by mobile plant an activity which is occurring on any of our sites?
  • If so, what is the process for making sure this risk is captured in our safe job planning documentation and relevant SWMS?