OSH alert - Biosolids truck rollover (May 2016)

Key learnings from a High Potential incident.

Driving incident iconHPI OSH Alert #478

Date of incident: 18 May 2016

Safety Flash issued: 20 May 2016

What happened?

Biosolids truck rolloverWhilst transporting a load of biosolids, the driver lost control when turning a corner causing the prime mover and trailer to rollover.

The vehicle slid along the road for approximately 50 metres before coming to rest on the right hand side shoulder. The load was contained and no product was lost except for a minor diesel spill. The driver exited through the left hand passenger’s door and was treated for minor injuries.

 Why did this happen?

The driver failed to identify the hazards and drive to the road conditions, approaching the bend in the road at the wrong angle and at the wrong speed.

What will the business area involved in the incident do to stop this from happening again?

Work closely with the current transport contractor to:

  • Develop and deliver a training package specific to the risks and operational requirements of transporting bio-solids.
  • Develop and implement waypoint mapping along all transport routes from Water Corporation facilities to drop off sites. Waypoint mapping is a software program that monitors driver performance to certain criteria including elevations, speed limitations and cornering speed restrictions.
  • Contractor to update their Work Instructions for each route with details of the preferred route and the relevant waypoint details. Present the revised work instructions and waypoint plan to all operators transporting bio-solids.

What will our organisation do to stop this from happening again?

Work collaboratively with the contractor involved to ensure driver performance and continuous improvement programs are developed and implemented to prevent a recurrence.

Lessons learned and corrective actions will be shared and implemented across the Water Corporation, including a review to understand the possible risks involved with product movement during transportation.


What key learnings can you discuss with your team to stop this from happening again?

1. Road transport services are a high risk activity

  • Are our contractors aware of the risks associated with the service they provide?
  • What measures does the business and /or contractors need to have in place to ensure all risks are managed?
  • Can we identify any driving risks that are not being adequately managed both internally and externally?

2. Driver performance is a key factor to managing the risks associated with driving

  • Are we aware of what programs our contractors have in place to ensure driver performance is adequate?
  • What measures do we have in place to ensure contractors are aware and accountable for their driving performance?
  • Do we need to improve our own driver performance and awareness?

Further information 

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