OSH alert - Faulty trigger on Yoke hooks (January 2017)

Key learnings from a High Potential Incident

HPI OSH Alert #487

Date of Incident: January 2017

OSH Alert Issued: 1 February 2017

What happened?

Faulty trigger on yoke hookOne of our major contracting companies has reported that on 2 occasions in January, the trigger clip has come free from a 10 Tonne Swivel Lifting Hook as per the photo attached.

This type of hook is typically used with an excavator for pipe laying operations.
Both of the hooks were purchased in December 2016. The brand name is Yoke.

Why did this happen?

It is not known yet why the trigger clips have come free. It may be a quality issue localised to the batch number. We will provide further information when received from the supplier.


  • Raise this at your pre-start meetings.
  • Carry out a check of the hooks currently on your site.
  • If you have any 10 Tonne Swivel Yoke branded lifting hook/s that have been purchased in the last 4 months, tag them out of service immediately.

Further information

For further information please contact Lisa Mitchell, Manager Field Support SEA on (08) 9420 2432.