2014-15 year at a glance

Text version of the infographic from the 2015 Annual Report.

366 billion litres of high quality drinking water supplied – that’s more than 162,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Our largest scheme, the Integrated Water Supply Scheme (IWSS) delivered 291 billion litres of water to more than 2 million people in Perth, the Goldfields and Agricultural Region and some parts of the South West.

Water supplied into the IWSS consisted of: 

  • 41% from desalination
  • 42% from groundwater
  • 17% from surface water from 128 dams and weirs.

The water is treated at 81 water treatment plants and pumped through 483 pump stations.

The water travels through:

  • 34,424 km of water mains
  • 16, 416 km of sewer mains
  • 2,546 km of drains.

164 billion litres of wastewater collected, which comes mostly from baths, showers and washing machines. It’s treated at 113 wastewater treatment plants and over 80 recycled water schemes.

  • 817,755 customer telephone calls answered
  • 1.4 million visitors to our website
  • 2,852 employees

  • $766 million investment in capital works
  • $345 million regional projects
  • $880 million in direct operating expenditure