Cannington Leisureplex waterwise aquatic centre transcript

Interview - Cannington Leisureplex waterwise aquatic centre

[Trevor Cochrane voice-over]: Saving water at home helps preserve our most precious resource, but have you ever wondered what community facilities are doing?  Well the City of Canning’s Cannington Leisureplex is one facility playing its part to save water.

[Shana McKay, Centre Coordinator Cannington Leisureplex]: A number of initiatives were actually designed at the construction stage, and one of the significant ones are the defender filters that we have here for the filtration system.  So different to the traditional sand filters, these filters don’t require backwashing which actually saves up approximately 5 million litres of water per annum. 

[Trevor Cochrane voice-over]:  The complex is also using grey water to flush toilets and its being utilised in the gardens too. 

[Shana McKay, Centre Coordinator Cannington Leisureplex]:  Another innovation is that we have timed showers and also restricted flow devices on the showerheads and hand basin taps, and that helps reduce our flow rates. 

[Trevor Cochrane voice-over]: The Cannington Leisureplex is a great example of local government working hard to play its role in saving water in WA. 

Cannington Leisureplex has been endorsed as a Waterwise Aquatic Centre in recognition of their commitment to saving water.