Fremantle Village Caravan Park case study (video transcript)

Fremantle Village Caravan Park reduced its water use by over 44% by putting into place a water efficiency management plan which allowed them to produce long and short-term goals for better usage of water. Read the video transcript here.

[Mick Kennedy, Manager of Fremantle Village Caravan Park]: The water in efficiency at our park was done on a regular basis by reading the meter in the mornings, and that was our only way of knowing if we had any problems.

Since engaging the Water Corporation we have put into place a water efficiency management plan, and this has been able to allow us to produce long- and short-term goals for better usage of our water within the park.

Some of the water efficiency tools that we’ve incorporated in the park is our daily water meter readings. We’ve also incorporated some leak detection people to help us try and find some leaks. We've incorporated a pipe replacement program. And we’ve also, with the help of the Water Corp, introduced some data loggers which have helped us track our water usage.

Also, we’ve got some meters which allow us to monitor smaller sections of the park to see if we have any water leakage.

We found Water Use Guide to be very beneficial because it allowed us to track our water usage in high areas and be able to incorporate measures that would hopefully reduce that water usage.

Since incorporating all of these water-saving measures within the park and procedures which we have put in place, we are happy to say that we’ve reduced our water usage by a whopping 44%.