Drip line (video transcript)

Did you know that different types of sprinklers have different watering rates? Find out more about drip line watering.

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[Voiceover]: Drip line watering is a great way to irrigate, as it delivers water to where the plants need it most - their root system.

Because it's located under lawns and garden beds, it provides little to no evaporation loss.

It'll create a deeper root system, which is perfect for our warmer climates.

Drip line works by delivering a constant trickle of water through emitters, these run along a polypipe at evenly spaced intervals, ideal for garden beds.

They should be installed by a professional irrigator to help ensure a great result.

Drip line irrigation will deliver about 15 millimeters per hour to designated garden beds. Based on that, you'll need about 30 to 40 minutes run time to deliver the 10 millimeters that's required for your gardens. But, with the right soil selection and planting, you can reduce that time and still maintain a really healthy garden.

It's important to check your irrigation system, including the filters regularly for any signs of blockage, damage or leaks.

So for expert advice, please consult a Waterwise Service Provider and, for that, visit watercorporation.com.au/waterwise to find the nearest one to you.