Getting started in My Water (video transcript)

This is a transcript of our promotional videos for residential customers getting started in My Water, our online account system.

Using My Water - Getting started (residential customers)

[Background music]

Voiceover: Setting up a My Water account only takes a few minutes and is an easy and secure way to manage your water bills and, and keep an eye on your water use history. 

Before you get started, make sure you have a copy of your water bill handy, as you will need some information from this. 

So, first of all, go to

Here’s the homepage, where you can login, register or follow key links. 

[Shows homepage of the My Water website]

If you’re setting up the account for your home, choose the ‘Register as a resident’ button.  

The first thing you need is your individual Electronic Reference Number – you’ll find this on the back of your bill, down the bottom on the right.

Enter this into the 3 fields shown and click ‘Verify’.

Check that your account and property details – if these are correct and select the 'Next' button. 

In the new screen, enter your personal details, including a new password. 

As a My Water customer you’ll automatically be signed up for paperless billing, and will receive your future bills via the email address you choose here.

Check that you are satisfied with the terms and conditions and e-billing condition and click ‘Accept’ when you are. Then all you need to do is and select the ‘Register’ button. 

We’ll ask you to confirm your details before the final step. 

Then we’ll send a confirmation email to your email address. Select the 'OK' button. 

Last step!  We will prompt you to add secret questions and answers for added security. 

And that’s it! Now your My Water account is set up and ready to go. 

From your dashboard, you can: pay your bill; set up direct debit; and view your water use history.

Using My Water – Paying a bill and setting up direct debit (residential customers) 

[Background music]

Voiceover: There’s plenty of ways you can pay your water bill, and one of these is through your My Water account. 

So, first of all, go to and then log in to your My Water account.

Once you log in you’ll see your account dashboard. There’s some handy information here, so take a minute to look around.

[Shows account dashboard in the My Water website]

You can check your current account balance in the main section. 

To pay your bill, go to 'Next steps' on the right hand side.

So now it depends on how you want to pay. If you’re okay to pay by credit card, click on the 'Pay now' button. 

This takes you to a secure payment screen.  

Your account number will already be recorded, so just enter in the amount you want to pay.

Enter your credit card details and click 'Proceed'. 

Please note that your payment may take up to 3 business days to appear in My Water.

If you don’t want to pay by credit card, you can find other ways to pay on our website at

You can also set up a direct debit arrangement easily through your My Water account to take the time and hassle out of paying your bills.

On your My Water dashboard, go to ‘Set up Direct debit’, under the ‘Pay now’ button. 

[Text onscreen]: Can’t see it? There may be a special arrangement on your account, so you won’t be able to set up direct debit payments until these have finished. 

[Voiceover continues] You need to decide whether you want your direct debit payments to occur on the due date of each bill, or make regular ongoing payments into your account. 

Then set a start date and, if you like, an end date. If you don’t set an end date, your direct debit arrangement will continue until you let us know you want to end it. 

Make sure you are happy with the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement. Click 'Next'. 

From the new window that opens, set up your preferred payment method – either from your bank account or a credit card.

Your entered details will be displayed, but you can update them if required. Make sure this is okay and then select 'Next'.

This is the last bit. Check your plan details and payment method information., and select 'Agree and submit' when you’re happy.

All done! Your direct debit payments will start on the next bill issued to you.