Grouping plants with similar watering needs (video transcript)

A transcript of our gardening video, 'Grouping plants with similar watering needs'.

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[Presenter]: Plant selection is critical, and choosing plants that come from climates and gardening environments similar to ours ensures they are low water users. The Water Corporation’s website has a great selection of plants for WA.

Always group plants by their water consumption demands. For instance, endemic native plants require very little water once established, and watering twice a week is way too much. The extra water would sink below the plants’ roots and literally be wasted. So, keep them in an area where they can be watered separately from other plants in your garden.

Highly productive plants, like herbs, vegetables, and fruiting plants, they require larger amounts of water. So, grouping them together makes a lot of sense ... it's incredibly waterwise.

Now, if you’re not sure what plants need to go together, you can always employ the services of a fully-qualified, waterwise garden designer.

When considering your plantings, always create buffering plants around the outside edges of the garden. This reduces wind flow through the garden. And place tree strategically to cool areas, reducing evaporation.