Is your toilet or drain not working as normal (video transcript)

This is a transcript for our animation that explains what to do if your toilet or drain isn't working as normal.

If your toilet is overflowing, or it won’t flush at all, or your sink or shower isn’t draining properly there may be a problem with your sewer.

The first step is to stop using any internal water appliances like showers, washing machines and dish washers as this avoids any further blocking of your sewer and reduces the chance of an overflow.  Once all appliances are turned off, contact a plumber straight away to fix the problem.

Once the plumber has looked at your sewer system they will let you know exactly where the problem is.

If it lies outside of your property, and is in our sewer, the plumber will let us know and one of our crews will clear it. We pay the plumber a set fee for finding the blockage, so there should be no expense to you.

If the blockage is within your property plumbing, then it falls upon you to arrange for, and pay, a plumber to clear it.

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