Mulching (video transcript)

This is a transcript of our gardening video on mulching.

[Presenter]: When selecting a mulch, always look for the Smart Approved WaterMark and a Waterwise-approved variety. We’re looking for a coarse, chunky mulch with irregular particle size. And when you walk on it in bare feet, it's got to be uncomfortable.

And remember, soft, fine mulches can dramatically reduce the amount of water that can penetrate down into the soil. What we need is this coarse, chunky product, applied 5 to 10 cm thick. It's going to dramatically reduce evaporation and keep our garden looking fantastic throughout summer.

[Background music. Sound of mulch being poured onto a garden bed]

Other benefits of mulching are: by keeping the moisture around plant roots, mulch can reduce plant stress. A layer of mulch protects the topsoil from wind erosion. As mulch slowly breaks down, it adds nutrients enriching the soil. Mulch smothers weed growth. And, a layer of mulch makes your garden beds look great.

Mulching is good, but mulching well is even better. Remember to always choose a waterwise mulch.