Our incursions (video transcript)

Videos talking about our range of water-themed school incursions.

Water supply

This school talk allows students to explore each of Perth’s drinking water sources in detail taking them from catchment to tap.

 Our interactive activity will get students thinking caps on. They participate in a series of mini activities which allow students to explore Perth’s drinking water sources in detail.

 They get a great understanding just how unique Perth’s water story really is.


Desalination has become, a major water source.

In this school talk we go through the process of how we’re able take water from the ocean and turn it into drinking water.

Students take part in an interactive activity where they need to work out how seawater goes through the various treatment processes to become fresh drinking water.

 Now that’s fresh water thinking.

Water conservation

The thing I love about this is that it actually gets the kids thinking about where they use water.

We use a story or a bucket activity to discuss ways we can conserve water.

We make the students aware just how important water really is.

It’s great to see their reactions when they find out how much water is actually used in the home and garden.

Regardless of the age or year level of your students, this school talk is guaranteed to engage and inspire.


Wastewater is a lot of fun, taking students through what goes down their drains.

The students create the wastewater using all the different ingredients from our everyday life, and then we show them how we clean it so that we can release it back into the ocean.

It’s a great way for students to learn about the correct disposal of items to help maintain our wastewater system.


It’s very rare that students get access to microscopes in a primary school so this is a fantastic school talk.

This activity is really interactive. Using a variety of leaves, the students can see how plants have adapted to our hot and dry environment.

They discover a whole new world at the end of a microscope.

Stormwater pollution

When we think about stormwater we find we really don’t think about what flows off our roads.

We find this is a really great interactive activity for the kids, they get really involved in the setting up a wetland, and discovering what the pollutants and they really get engaged in this incursion. 

This school talk takes a different form depending on the age of the students but both are very hands-on.

Edible aquifers

It’s important to understand permeability to learn about our groundwater system.

This hands-on school talk focuses on the importance of groundwater as a water source for Perth, the geology of an aquifer and groundwater contaminants. 

We make edible aquifers out of lemonade and ice cream and it shows quite clearly how an aquifer works and how it can be affected by pollutants.

This is the best school talk ever; well that’s what the students tell me.

Perth’s water future – geography

This is a senior high school presentation which focuses on the challenges of climate change, and the increasing demand of water, on the sustainability of Perth’s water supply. 

The students get a clear understanding of how our drying climate and Perth’s geography has affected our water sources.

This school talk puts Perth and the surrounding water story into perspective for the students. 

Perth’s water future – science

This Senior High School presentation looks at the human and environmental impacts on Perth’s water supply.

We talk in detail about the treatment processes used to provide clean water to our community, and how we process wastewater before releasing it back into the environment.

We discuss how the community can help to make sure our water supply is sustainable into the future and encourage students to understand their role.

Water in Aboriginal culture

This interactive school talk gives students an appreciation of how Aboriginal people found and preserved water sources by having a strong connection to their environment.

Younger students love the Aboriginal dance activity and the Year 5-6 students explore Aboriginal art to understand ways of communicating the location of water sources.

The school talk gives students an appreciation of the importance of water in Aboriginal culture, and the lessons we can apply today to look after our water supply.

Water recycling

Students are fascinated to learn how water recycling will be Perth’s next water source through groundwater replenishment.

Using electronic clickers which gives them instant feedback, we take them through this vital next step on our water journey.

This school talk allows students to analyse the benefits of wastewater recycling to ensure a sustainable future water source.