Pop-up fixed spray sprinkler (video transcript)

Did you know that different types of sprinklers have different watering rates? Find out more about pop up/fixed spray sprinklers.

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[Voiceover]: The traditional pop-up sprinkler creates a constant fan of water and delivers an even coverage across gardens and lawns. And the beauty of these, is once they finished their operation, they simply retract into the ground,making them perfect for lawns and gardens.

Sprinklers require what's called 'overlap' in order to water your garden evenly.

This means that they should be placed close enough that the water from any single sprinkler reaches the systems on either side of it.

Most fixed-spray sprinklers distribute water in a circular spray pattern and can have the spray pattern set into either quarter, half, three-quarter, or full patterns, helping you avoid wasting water on pathways and roads.

The ideal amount of water is 10 millimeters, and these sprinklers will deliver that in around 13 to 16 minutes.

But, with the right soil preparation and planting selections, this number can be reduced and still maintain a really healthy garden.

Regular checks of this sprinkler type on your watering days are important to avoid blockages and obstructions, which could waste valuable water.

For example, checking plants and lawns for overgrowth, which may prevent the sprinkler from popping up..

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