Reading your bill (video transcript)

This is the video transcript for our animation explaining how to read and understand your bill.


We read your water meter every 2 months and send you a bill 6 times a year.

For most customers, there is a graph on the front of your bill so you can easily see how much water you used. We compare it to how much you used in the previous 2 months, as well as how much in the same period last year, so that you can consider it against water use in the same season.

We include this so you can understand your water use. It tells you how many litres per day, on average, you used in this two-month period.

Your water bill is generally made up of two parts: your service charge (or water rates), and your water use charge. If you turn your bill over to the back, you will see the details of these two charges for this bill.

Your service charges will be the same during the billing year. For most properties, they relate to: water, wastewater and drainage charges – and are there to ensure we can always supply you with clean and safe drinking water, and take away your waste water safely. water, wastewater and drainage charges

Your water use charge will change each bill – it depends on how much water you use over the period of your bill.

The price of water is charged per kilolitre. On the back of your bill, we tell you what price you have been charged for the water used in that period, as well as how much you’ll be charged for future water use. The amount you are charged is worked out in allocated pricing ‘tiers’. It basically means: the more water you use, the more you are charged. Your bill will tell you what the pricing tiers are for your area, and what your water use will be priced at in your next bill.

You can check your water use charges any time in My Water, our online self-service site. Visit to find out more.