Rotating sprinklers (video transcript)

Did you know that different types of sprinklers have different watering rates? Find out more about rotating sprinklers.

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[Voiceover]: Rotating sprinklers deliver water in rotating streams, making them an ideal solution for exposed lawn and garden areas.

These sprinklers require less stations, because each one covers a much larger area.

The steamflow reduces misting and subsequently, evaporation.

A rotary sprinkler will deliver 10 to 15 millimeters of water every hour, depending on the brand and size of the nozzle.

The standard drink for your garden is 10 millimeters and this can be delivered in 40 to 60 minutes.

Be sure to check your output rates at point of purchase, and read the instructions carefully so you can set your run times accordingly.

Remember that with the right soil preparation and plants, irrigation run times can be reduced and still maintain a really healthy garden.

These sprinklers are easy to maintain, as it's very easy to spot if anything is wrong with them.

So, check the filters inside the casing if the streams are showing any signs of blockage.

And this can be done fortnightly to avoid any dry spots or water loss.

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