Your water travels a long way before it reaches your tap

We don’t often think about the cost of water until we get our bills, but it’s worth taking a moment to consider the journey water takes to your tap.

We supply more than 371 billion litres of high quality drinking water each year – that’s nearly 165,000 Olympic sized swimming pools

It comes from 128 dams and weirs + 96 licenced borefields + 2 seawater desalination plants

The water travels through almost 35,000km of water mains – that's enough to circle the moon

And across 2.6 million km2 of WA – that’s the equivalent landmass of the Northern Territory + South Australia + Victoria combined

Then it’s supplied to more than 2 million people

And is treated at 83 water treatment plants

But it doesn’t stop there…

We also collect more than 167 billion litres of wastewater which comes mostly from baths, showers and washing machines that’s the equivalent to almost 4 million backyard swimming pools

It travels through 16,080km and is treated at 110 wastewater treatment plants of sewer mains across the state

Before being returned to the environment or recycled at one of our 84 recycling schemes and is used for a range of purposes including industrial reuse, public open space and woodlot irrigation