Understanding your bill (video transcript)

This is the video transcript for our animation explaining what makes up your bill.

Your water bill is generally made up of two parts: your service charge (or water rates), and your water use charge.

For most properties, service charges are made up of: water, wastewater and drainage charges – and are there to ensure we can always supply you with clean and safe drinking water, and take away your waste water safely. Your service charges won't change during the billing year.

Your water use charge is based on how much water you use.

The price of water is charged per kilolitre. Your charge per kilolitre may increase throughout the billing year as you use more water.

The amount you are charged is worked out by pricing ‘tiers’. At the start of the billing year, everyone is charged at the lowest amount, but as you use more water you may move into a new tier.

It basically means: the more water you use, the more you are charged.

We do this to help encourage the careful use of water and because the more water we all use, the more that needs to be spent on new sources – like desalination.

So if your bill is more expensive towards the last part of the billing year, it may be because you have moved into a higher pricing tier, even if you haven’t used more water than in other billing periods.

At the end of the billing year (so that’s after 6 bills); the tiers are re-set and everyone returns to the lowest price per kilolitre.

Question: When does the billing year start?
Answer: Your service charges run by financial year, so from 1 July-30 June. But your water use charges are a bit trickier - it really depends on where you live as to when your meter reads kick off.

Question: Can I pre-pay my service charges for the year, instead of paying a portion every 2 months?
Answer: Yes! You can prepay the full service charge for the financial year through your My Water account. Then you will only receive your water use charges every 2 months. This is really useful for investment property owners.

You can track your water use and your charges in My Water, our online self-service site. Visit watercorporation.com.au/mywater to find out more.