Using catch cups (video transcript)

This is a transcript of our irrigation video on catch cups

[Voiceover]: Title: Precipitation rate, matched precipitation rate and uniform distribution. 

Ensuring your irrigation system distributes water evenly over your landscape, is critically important to the conservation of our precious water resources. 

Precipitation rate is the rate at which a sprinkler system applies water to a given area, and can be expressed as millilitres (mm) per hour. 

In Perth, 10mm twice a week in summer may be all you need to keep your garden looking good. 

To determine the precipitation rate of an irrigation system, you can use catch cups. 

These are measuring cups that are placed at a uniform spacing, throughout the area to be watered. 

They are designed to catch and measure the amount of water falling in an area over a given period of time. 

From the amount of water collected in each cup after 10 minutes, you can then calculate how many millilitres of water would have been collected in an hour. 

You can also tell if your system is operating evenly and if it requires some adjustment.