Improving your soil with clay agents (video transcript)

A transcript of our gardening video, 'Improving your soil with clay agents'.

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[Presenter]: Applying clay to sandy soils changes their structure forever. Apply at recommended rates. Add organic humus was to activate the sandy soil into a great growing medium. Thoroughly turn the clay into the top 150 to 200 mm of soil. Soak the amended soil thoroughly. And adjust your sprinkler system time clock to reduce watering amounts by 25%, as any more will be overwatering.

Get a load of this! We've gone from a gravelly sand to a beautiful garden soil. This is what we all need to achieve at home if we’re going to grow exotic plants. Now, the great thing about it is that once you have amended the sand with clay, well, it’s changed the soil structure forever…permanently reducing the amount of fertiliser and water you need to have a great garden.