Improving your soil with wetting agents (video transcript)

A transcript of our gardening video, 'Improving your soil with wetting agents'.

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[Presenter]: Mix a concentrate form into a watering can. Apply it over the garden beds at recommended rates. And then, grab the hose and hose the applied liquid until it bubbles and froths. This means the wetting agent is activated and doing its job. You should see that the water starts absorbing into the ground quickly, immediately afterwards.

[Sound of a hose watering the garden]

Applying wetting agents now, and again in April, is going to deliver the very best results. Now, if you’ve got one of those cheaper wetting agents, you will need to apply it on a more regular basis. So, always try and stick with a quality wetting agent.

Always apply to lawns this time of the year. And apply to garden beds in exposed locations, and also under shrubs’ drip zones in shrubberies where sprinklers’ throw of water is reduced by foliage. Do this, and your lawn and garden will look great and use 25% less water.