WA Weekender video, 'Using My Water' (video transcript)

A transcript of a WA Weekender video, 'Using My Water'.

[Background music]

[Presenter – hand watering a garden area]: We use water day in and day out – from taking a shower, making a coffee, doing the laundry, even watering our garden. It makes our lives so much easier and more enjoyable. So why can't our bills just be the same too?

[Presenter takes mail from a mail box]

Many of us have been guilty of misplacing paper bills, or forgetting to pay them in time.

[Presenter sits at kitchen bench with piles of bills, including a Water Corporation bill]

Wouldn't it be easy if you didn't have to worry about any of that any more? We all have better things to do than to sit  here going through bills and trying to work out how much water we are using – that time is best spent with family and friends.

Now to make our lives a whole lot easier, Water Corporation has created My Water, which will take care of all of this and more!

[Closeup of computer screen showing My Water website]

My Water is an online account to manage your bills and track your water use efficiently and it's very easy to use anytime, anywhere.

Let's take a look at how it works. Now all you need to sign up for My Water is your electronic reference number which you'll find just down here at the bottom of your water bill, and then you just enter in your personal details. It's so easy.

You can pay your bills online, and if you never want to worry again about paying them on time, this is also where you can set up a direct debit from your bank account or even a credit card. 

[Presenter sits in an outdoor garden area using My Water on a laptop]

Once you've created your My Water account you can go in and change your personal details, even track your water use. Now you can also access your bills and payment history since the day you signed up.

When you're looking at your water use, you can track how this compares with your last bill and even the years bill - is it higher than expected, or have your bills gone up recently. If there is a leak somewhere around your home you may find your bill's a little bit higher than the month before.

It's a really great idea to check around your home, make sure you're leak-free and this website has some great tips on how to save water in and around your house. You might be surprised how much that extra day of watering, or that extra minute in the shower, adds up to.

Another added bonus is that you can pre-pay your service charges for entire financial year.

This is particularly handy if you own an investment property.

You can set your account up to your liking, and you'll never have to worry about water bills ever again.

For all the information and where to find more water saving tips, head to our website.