Our water sources: WA's wastewater system (video transcript)

After you've used your water, it enters one of the 16, 693 kilometres of wastewater pipes which we maintain and operate. It is then pumped to one of our wastewater treatment plants. This is a transcript of our animated video, 'WA's wastewater system' which explains how it works.

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[Voiceover]: With fresh water thinking, wastewater is not being wasted! 

Wastewater is 99.97% water and comes mostly from showers, baths and washing machines.

Each day, we take away 450 million litres of wastewater from your homes. This used water travels through one of our 16,000 kilometres of wastewater pipes which we maintain and operate.

This is around the same distance as travelling from Perth to Los Angeles! 

The wastewater is pumped to one of our 113 wastewater treatment plants, where it goes through a series of rigorous treatment processes to make the water safe to recycle or return to the environment. 

Recycled water is used for irrigation, agriculture and horticulture, nature conservation and by industry. Some recycled water is recharged into existing groundwater supplies through our innovative groundwater replenishment scheme.

Wastewater is definitely not waste. It is an important part of our water supply in WA and our wastewater treatment plants are increasingly becoming recognised as sources of alternative water.

Keeping our network of wastewater pipes and pumps clear and healthy is a large part of what we do – but we only manage half of the wastewater system. The rest is located on your properties and everyone has a responsibility to make sure we don't let the wrong things enter the system.

Fats and cooking oils, kitchen scraps, cotton buds, hygiene products, wet wipes and toothbrushes – or anything solid – should go in the bin and NOT down the drain. 

Only flush the 3 Ps: pee, poo and paper! 

You can find out more about this on our website: watercorporation.com.au/wastewater