Water pressure and flow (video transcript)

This is a transcript of our animation explaining how to test your home's water pressure.

Is the water flow coming out of your taps and shower not as strong as you would like?

Water pressure can sometimes be an issue for households, however there is a simple way to test your home’s water pressure.

Step 1:
Make sure all taps and water using devices are turned off then write down the black and red numbers on your water meter.

Step 2:
Turn on your front garden tap for 60 seconds. Make sure this water is used to water your garden!

Step 3:
Take another meter reading and subtract the first meter reading from the last. This will tell you how much water came out within the 60 second period.

How to read your metre

Step 4:
If you are not receiving more than 20 litres per minute from your garden tap there may be an issue with your internal pipe work and you will need to call a plumber.

If the second reading shows less than 20 litres per minute check our website to see if there are any nearby works or contact us via watercorporation.com.au/faults.