Watering days - alternate days [video transcript]

[Voice over]: Sprinkler rosters have been in place in WA since 2001, and go a long way to ensuring gardens receive only the water they need, helping home owners across WA save precious water and reduce waste. It's a fact that almost half of all household water is used in the garden, so it’s important to stick to the watering roster at all times.

If you use scheme water, then you can water your garden on alternate days. These days are based on the last digit of your house number, and you can check yours quickly online. Just search ‘Watering Days’ in your search engine.

Garden bore owners can water their garden every day. But remember that bore water is still a water and a resource that should be managed wisely. So only use your bore if you really need it.

Both garden and scheme users can water their gardens once on their watering days, either before 9am or after 6pm – not both. The morning is best for the health of your garden as it makes water available to your plants throughout the heat of the day, when they need it most.

Making small changes to your garden like improving your soil with clay and soil improver, choosing waterwise plants and mulching garden beds to a depth of 75 to 100mm will make the water you do apply go much further and allow you to apply less often.

For more information on watering days, visit watercorporation.com.au