Waterwise garden design (video transcript)

[Voice over]: Before we start planting, its vital we plan our garden first. Garden design is one of the most important things a person can do before establishing a new garden. Designing a waterwise garden doesn’t have to be hard. It’s a simple as combining some basic principles with choosing the right plants. Soon you’ll be on your way to creating a functional garden that not only looks beautiful but will thrive in our conditions.

When looking for plants for your garden, look for ones with the waterwise symbol. Waterwise plants have been identified because they grow best in the West Australian climate with minimal water.  Remember though that different plants will be suited to your region, and if they’re exotic they need to have com e from a climate similar to ours. This is often described as Mediterranean. Identifying the right plants has never been easier as the Water Corporation have identified plants that are best suited to where you live, and have created the waterwise plant tool.

Once you’ve selected your plants, it’s great to spend some time on hydrozoning. Hydrozoning is about grouping plants together with similar watering needs. This allows you set up your garden irrigation so that your plants are get just the right amount of water.

Look at splitting your plants into three basic groups – primary, secondary and minimal. Primary are those plants with high water demand, things like veggies or fruit trees that may need to be hand watered more regularly. Secondary groups are plants that thrive on two standard waterings a week on normal watering days. These include lawns and other ornamental plants. Finally, the minimal group are plants with low water demand that only require occasional hand watering in warmer months.  This includes established gardens or native plants that are endemic to your area.

Remember, no matter what type of garden you have, it’s important that you stick to your two allocated days and if it is raining, turn your sprinklers off. By placing the rights plants in the right place you’ll be on your way to having the perfect waterwise garden.

For more information, visit watercorporation.com.au