What's your water story

Interview - Susan Holtmeulen

[Presenter, Trevor Cochrane]  Saving water at home saves our most precious resource and money.

Susan Holtmeulen is a West Australian making a difference with five adults in her Bedford home. She’s introduced some simple strategies that are paying off beautifully.

[Customer, Susan Holtmeulen] I think visual is the best way to save water around the house. I leave post-it notes around reminding people to turn taps off and I think it helps us all to be a lot more waterwise.

[Presenter, Trevor Cochrane] Susan does the little things like collecting water from the tap at it heats to save waste. She simply collects it in a container and waters plants.

[Customer, Susan Holtmeulen] To save water in the shower we use a 4 minute timer. So as soon as that timer is up, they’re out!

[Presenter, Trevor Cochrane] The garden is a big area of water consumption and a layer of mulch across garden beds reduces weeds but most importantly it slows evaporation saving water. All plants in her garden are Australian natives – the ultimate waterwise garden specimens.

[Customer, Susan Holtmeulen] We can all make a difference and we can all save water.