Why is my bill high? (video transcript)

This is a transcript for our animation that outlines how to investigate a high bill. First, we need to work out if it is high because of high water use (kilolitres) or high water charges (dollars) – or a combination of the two.

We’ve all received a bill and wondered if it is incorrect – especially if it’s a lot higher than what we expected. So we understand if you are concerned about a water bill.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to an increased water use account, and sometimes it can take a little while to work out why your bill is high.

First, we need to work out if it is high because of high water use (kilolitres) or high water charges (dollars) – or a combination of the two. Your bill will contain all the information you need to start investigating.

On the back of your bill, we tell you what price you have been charged for the water used in that period. The amount you are charged is worked out in ‘tiers’. It basically means: the more water you use, the more you are charged. Your bill will tell you what the pricing tiers are for your area, and what your water use will be priced at in your next bill.

So if your bill is more expensive towards the last part of the billing year, it may be because you have moved into a higher pricing tier, even if you haven’t used more water than in other billing periods.

You can also have a look at the graphs on the front of the bill to see if your water use for this period is unusually high. Any change to your house or garden may affect your overall water use. Common reasons why your water use may have increased include: which season it is; irrigation systems or sprinklers; new appliances, fittings or lawn; or having extra people at your home.

If you are worried about your water use, the first thing to do is take a reading of your water meter, so you can compare it to the reading recorded on the back of your water bill.

To do this:

Find your water meter and write down the black numbers. You don’t need to worry about the red numbers, because we don’t charge you for these.

Tip!: Try to do it at the same time every day for the best result

Deduct the previous meter reading (found on the back of your bill) from the reading you have just taken.

Divide by the number of days since your meter was last read (also on the back of your bill!).

This will give you an average daily water use amount. How does it compare to the amount on your bill?

Tip! Look at the graph on the front of your bill to see how much water we have recorded that you have been using.

If it doesn’t match up, or you are still concerned about a high bill, please call us on 13 13 85 and talk to one of our customer service staff.

You can also use our online water use calculator to compare your water use to households similar to yours, and create a personalised action plan to help reduce your water use.