Downloading bills in My Water

Our handy guide will show you how to bulk download bills in My Water if you have more than 6 properties linked to your account.

You can easily download bills in PDF format or download bill data (such as account number, address, amount and due date) in a CSV file.

Download our handy guide

Step 1

Go to the ‘View all bills’ tab and either select all [1] or select the specific bills you need using the tick box in the Bill Details column [2]. Once selected, click Download selected bills. You can also download individual bills, simply by clicking on the bill [3]

Downloading bills - My Water help screen

Step 2

A window will appear, showing the number of bills you selected to download. Simply choose the format you would like to download the bills in – CSV file or PDF and click Download to continue.

Downloading bills - My Water help screen

The below confirmation will appear. To view your downloaded bills, simply click on the ‘downloads page’ link in the message.

Downloading bills - My Water help screen

You will also receive confirmation of your download request via email and can access the downloads page at any time through the main menu in My Water under My Details > Downloads.

Downloading bills - My Water help screen

Step 3

The Downloads page lists all your bill download history. All requests with the status ‘Available for download’ [1] can be downloaded here at any time.