Sprinklers from scratch

Don’t know where to start with your irrigation system? Just follow these easy steps.

Sprinkler watering lawn

Planning your irrigation system

Before you do anything, it’s important to prepare a plan of your system to ensure you are applying the right amount of water for the plants in your garden.

Some things to consider in drafting your sprinkler plan are:

  • How much water will your plants need?
  • What is your soil type?
  • What is the water pressure in your area?

Check our guide to some common fittings and their ability to meet the basic principles of good irrigation:

Sprinklers & irrigation

An irrigation system with an automatic irrigation controller is the best way to save water, as you can program your rostered watering days, and control the amount of water going to each station.

Your local Waterwise Garden Irrigator or Irrigation Design Shop can give you expert advice on how to make your irrigation system more waterwise. Find someone in your area to come and get you started, or to install the system. 

Winter sprinkler banOnly water when you need to

As the seasons change, so do the watering needs of your lawn and garden. Use your irrigation system manually when the weather is cooler to make sure you’re not overwatering, or select a system with a seasonal adjustment mode.

It’s important to check your irrigation regularly to ensure the system is working properly and not wasting any water. Take a few minutes to make sure sprinklers aren’t pointing at the footpath or driveway.

Watering times

To get the best results from your irrigation system, turn it on during the early hours of your rostered watering days. Watering early in the day (always before 9am) will reduce evaporation and allow plants to draw moisture as they need it throughout the day.

Remember that watering rosters and a state-wide day time sprinkler ban between 9am and after 6pm are in place across WA. 

However, watering exemptions are available for establishing a new lawn or garden if you meet certain criteria.

Find out more about exemptions

Garden bores

Installing a garden bore can reduce your reliance on scheme water. However, we need to use bore water responsibly - bores are still a precious resource we share with our neighbours, local schools, parks and ovals. And remember - don't forget to check your watering days!

To find out if a garden bore is suitable for your garden, check with the Department of Water’s Groundwater Atlas for Perth.

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