Here you'll find information about subdividing your property and the different types of subdivisions – strata, green title or amalgamations.

How to subdivide

If you're planning to subdivide your land, the best place to start is at the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). They have information, plans, policies and applications to help you understand what's involved. 

You should also talk to your local council, licensed surveyor or town planner who will let you know about zoning, permits and compliance for your local area. 

When you submit your subdivision application, the WAPC will refer it to us for assessment. We look at the water, wastewater and drainage services you'll require once your subdivision is complete. 

We will make recommendations and provide advice to the WAPC on our land servicing requirements. The WAPC will determine if these conditions are appropriate for subdivision and issue an 'Approval subject to conditions'. 

For a step by step guide to our subdivision process, please see How to subdivide.

Types of subdivisions

The process for subdividing your property depends on the type of subdivision that is involved.

Strata subdivisions

Strata title properties are usually owned separately but form part of a group and often involve common or shared property or services – such as a duplex or villa. Strata title lots within a plan may have common servicing points on our mains.

A strata subdivision is a subdivision within a green title lot under a strata plan.

In a strata subdivision you can connect to our mains by installing either:

  • individual meters at an agreed road frontage adjacent to a water main for individually subdivided or strata titled lots
  • a master meter at an agreed road frontage adjacent to a water main to serve the whole property, with sub-meters installed to each unit. This arrangement is available for subdivisions with 3 or more strata lots, however it is generally only cost effective where there are at least 4 strata lots
  • a combination of the 2. 

The way in which the water service connections are applied will impact the level of water and wastewater infrastructure contributions required.

Find out more in our Subdividing section or see:

Land servicing requirements

Calculation of infrastructure contributions

Metering options

Green title subdivisions

A green title (or torrens title) is the common name given to the traditional block of land.

Green title subdivisions create independent and separately-titled lots. These types of subdivisions require services to be provided to each lot within the subdivision layout. 

This means that all lots must have frontage to our mains and a service connection point that must be available to each proposed lot. 

Find out more:

Land servicing requirements

Calculation of infrastructure contributions


Amalgamations are where 2 or more separately titled lots are combined into one under a single subdivision application. The proposed new lot is to be provided with water, wastewater and drainage services (if required by WAPC).

If the sewer is located within the new proposed lot in a non-standard alignment (generally more than 1.5 metres inside the property boundary), then we request an easement over our mains. An easement will be registered on the property title.

Land servicing fees may apply.

Ready to go?

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