Assistance available for customers affected by bushfire

Water Corporation wishes to express sincere sympathy to people who have been affected by the tragic loss of life and property due to the devastating bushfires in the Shires of Waroona and Harvey.

Customers affected by the Waroona Complex fires – January 2016


There has been some confusion caused by our correspondence in October 2016 around the re-instatement of water use charges for customers who were affected by the bushfires. To address this, we have decided to waive the water use charges billed to you in January 2017. 

A letter and amended account confirming this will be issued to customers in the first 2 weeks of February.

At your next reading in March, you will receive a bill for water used since the last meter reading in January as well as the normal service charges. 

Initial assistance packages

Our customers who owned a property that was totally or partially destroyed in the bushfires in Yarloop and surrounds were eligible for additional assistance:

  1. You will be exempt from all Service Charges until 1 January 2017.
  2. Water charges for the billing period before the bushfires issued on or around 6 January 2016 will be waived. This includes both service charges and water use charges.
  3. You will be exempt from Water Use Charges up until the meter reading in November 2016.
  4. For any outstanding debt, no recovery action or interest charges will be raised until 1 January 2017.

These arrangements will remain in place for the current owner. If the property is sold, our normal charges and arrangements will be applied to the new owner.

All other Yarloop residents:

Yarloop residents with a property that had not sustained fire damage also had their January 2016 bill waived, and were eligible for a one-off 20,000 litre allowance on the assumption that this water was used for protecting their property from the potential fire risk. The allowance was automatically applied to the re-issued January bill.

Residents in the following towns also received the one-off 20,000 litre allowance, which was applied to their next bill (around March):

  • Harvey
  • Preston Beach
  • Waroona
  • Hamel
  • Myalup
  • Binningup.

If you have any questions at all, or are experiencing hardship, please contact:

Call 13 13 85 (8am–5pm) for:

  • interest free payment arrangements and extensions 
  • continuation of concessions for customers that owned & occupied their properties and have now been deemed uninhabitable 
  • water allowance for water used during fire fighting.

Call 13 13 95 (8am–5pm) for: 

  • No water service disconnect / reconnect fees  
  • No cost for replacement of fire damaged water meters
  • No Building Service Application fees for homes to be re-built.

Please telephone our 24-hour faults, emergencies and security on 13 13 75 for any urgent matters.