High water use

If you're reading this page, you've received a notification in your bill about high water use at your property. This was triggered by you using more water than the same time last year. Don't panic - we can help you discover why your use is high, and show you what can be done about it.

Water use increase

Your water use could increase for a variety of reasons you know about i.e. changing your irrigation, filling your pool or having family to stay. Whatever the cause, it's important to find out why your water use was higher, and think about how to save water in future

You can assess your general water use with our handy water use calculator, and see how you're tracking, or you can look at our tips for reading your meter (with the help of a water monitoring card). Garden irrigation can use a lot of water, so it's important to program your irrigation settings effectively as well as adhere to your rostered watering days.

Potential leak

If you have a leak, it's important you sort it out as soon as possible. If left, leaks can cause damage to your property and the cost to you could spiral. We may be able to offer assistance to customers with an unexpected leak, but these are only considered after it has been fixed. Find out more about detecting leaks or a leaking meter, finding a plumber or applying for a leak allowance

Smart meters

If you have a smart meter installed at your property, and are part of the Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) network, you can view your hourly water use in My Water to help you understand how and when you use water.

If you haven't signed up to My Water already, why not get started today! All you need is your Electronic Reference Number (ERN) which is displayed at the bottom of your water bill.

Sign up to My Water now

Contact us

It's important to us to help our customers investigate high water use - especially when the cause is unknown, or the situation is causing stress ie. issues paying a bill. Water use can be difficult to explain, and any supporting information you can give will help us both discover what's happening sooner. We can't help unless you contact us

You can call on 13 13 85 (8am-5pm weekdays), or speak to us on webchat (6am-10pm weekdays). For webchat, simply click the orange "Live Chat" button in the bottom right corner of our homepage.