Calculate my concession changes

There is a cap on annual service charges for concession holders. Use this calculator to see how this might affect your annual bill.

What you need to know

Who does it apply to?

This concession cap applies if you are:

  • a pensioner or State and Commonwealth concession card holder
  • AND
  • you currently receive a 50% concession.

What does it apply to?

This concession cap applies to:

  • water service charges
  • sewerage service charges
  • drainage service charges.

This concession cap does not apply to water use concessions.

Calculate how the cap affects your service charges

You will need your current water bill to calculate how the cap affects your service charges.

Changes to seniors discounts

Please note: from 1 July 2017, the service charge discount available to eligible seniors will be capped at $100 annually. The total discount you receive will depend on the service provided to your property and your entitlement.

To find out what this means for you, please see Pensioner and concession discounts.


The information you will need to enter into the calculator is circled below. Not all concessions may apply to you, so simply fill in the information that is on your bill.

Example of where to find the service charges listed on your water bill