Helping you finalise a deceased estate

We understand losing a loved one is difficult. We want to make it as easy as possible to help you settle their affairs.

Contact Centre representativeTo help you get things in order, we’ve put together this information to help you through the process.

We understand that you may not feel like speaking to someone straight away, so you can request a call back via our online support form below. Just let us know when you would prefer to speak to somebody and we’ll do our best to contact you at that time.

What needs to be done

Step 1 – Notify us

You can notify us by calling us on 13 13 85, or by using the form below. We can help you close or transfer the water account and guide you through the next steps.

Before we can make changes to the account, we just need to know your relationship to the account. Please choose from the 2 options below:

If you jointly own your property with the person you have lost, then all you need to do now is contact us.

If you hold a concession card, we will complete a new concession application in your name to make sure you continue to receive any discounts you are entitled to.

If you don’t have any concessions to apply to the account, then we will update the contact details of your account while we are speaking to you. In this instance, the only thing we need to see is a copy of the Title of your property, which you can send to us once it has been updated.

When you notify us of a loss, and you are not a co-owner of the property, we need to see one of 3 documents to prove you have authority to act on that account.

This is either: 

We will always need to see one of these documents, even if you previously had authority on the account.

If the Public Trustee is handling the Estate, they will contact us regarding the account.

The concession status of the account

If the account currently has a concession applied to it, we can either cancel this or transfer it to the person who will be the beneficiary of the property or will be occupying the property, if they are eligible. You can make application or find out if you are eligible to make application by calling us on 13 13 85.

Step 2 – We will get started

Once you have notified us, we will update the account details and add any authorities accordingly. Any outstanding balances will be placed on hold for a period of time until arrangements can be made 

Step 3 – Send us your documents

Please send us a copy of the original Certificate of Probate if you are the named Executor of the Estate.

If there is not an appointed Executor, then the person who is going to be responsible for the account can complete the 'An authority to deal with a deceased estate' form and send it to us.

Authority to Deal with a Deceased Estate Statutory Declaration

Alternatively you can provide a copy of the Letter of Administration.

Please note it can take 2–3 days for our system to update once we receive your documentation. To make it easier for you, you can send them to us now using the form below and we’ll contact you to finalise arrangements.

If there’s any other way we can help, please call us on 13 13 85.