Estimated meter reads

When we can't access your meter we will estimate your water use for the billing period. Your water bill will indicate if the water use has been estimated.

We might have trouble accessing your water meter if:

  • the gate is locked or hard to open
  • the meter is buried or obstructed
  • it is unsafe to enter the property.

See Access to your meter

Estimated water use amounts are based on the 'average daily use' recorded for your property in the same reading period in the previous year. This is because it is reasonable to expect the property to use similar water use each season.

If your water use is estimated, you can ask us to explain why an estimate has been provided and the cost basis of the estimate.

At your next meter reading, if your water use is lower than our estimate we will adjust your charges.

If you receive an estimated account because we could not access the meter, and you believe the estimate is significantly different to normal use, you can provide us with a meter reading.

If your meter has been estimated 3 times in a row we will contact you to obtain a meter reading.

See Reading your meter

If your meter has been estimated 3 times in a row we will contact you to obtain a meter reading.

We may also estimate your water use if your water meter is not recording water use or is damaged. In this instance, we can only review your past water use history as a basis for your bill, as we cannot obtain a real reading.

Disputing an estimated reading

There are a number of reasons why an estimate may not be accurate, including:

  • recent installation of a bore
  • the property was vacant for a period
  • the property owner / occupier has changed
  • you have removed or replaced lawn, garden, paving, pools etc
  • previous leaks have been fixed. 

If you are unsure about an estimated read, you can contact us to provide details as to why it might not be correct. If there is a clear reason or circumstance that would affect the overall water use, then we can review the estimate.

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