Understanding your bill

Your water bill can help you better understand your water use and charges.

We read your water meter every 2 months and send you a bill that is made up of 2 parts: 

  • the service charge (or water rates)
  • your water use charge (based on how much water you use).

If you turn your bill over to the back, you will see the details of these 2 charges for this bill. 

For most properties, the service charge relates to water, wastewater and drainage charges. These are there to ensure we can always supply you with clean and safe drinking water, and take away your wastewater safely. Your service charges are set for the full billing year but, depending on the number of days in the billing period, may be slightly different on each bill. 

Your water use charge will change each bill – it depends on how much water you use over the billing period. 

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