Humans are the only species on earth that waste water.
Nature knows best.

Try our new Water Watchers tool to see how waterwise you are.

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How waterwise are you?

Climate change is real, so it's more important than ever to be waterwise.
Take a hint from nature.

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Compare and track your household's water use against others like you, using the Water Watchers tool.

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Using the Water Watchers tool is easy

  • Gardens that thrive

    Design a garden that will last the test and choose plants that feel right at home.

  • The answer is under your feet

    Sandy soils don’t hold water well, and getting the soil right is the key to healthy plant growth. The easiest time to improve soil is when you’re planting.

  • Keep water locked in

    Keep water locked in to your garden’s soil by spreading thick, chunky mulch. So simple, yet so waterwise!

Get closer to nature