Mandurah Pebble Beach Boulevard

To secure and improve the supply of water services to the Meadow Spring area.

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Project goal:

To secure and improve the supply of water services to the Meadow Springs area.


In construction

Delivery Date:

End of 2019

What’s happening?

Through our approved contractor, Avid Resources, will be installing 1.7 km of water main along Pebble Beach Boulevard, Meadow Springs in the City of Mandurah. We will be installing a 700mm diameter water supply pipeline, along varying alignment down Pebble Beach Boulevard. This work will improve the security of water supplied to customers in the Meadow Springs and Lakelands areas.

Where is this happening?

Work will be taking place along Pebble Beach Boulevard between Kirkland Way and Meadow Springs Drive. Work will occur in the road, to minimise impact on surrounding houses and public open space. We have taken this decision as alternatives would have had a higher impact on surrounding houses and in particular driveways, verges and footpaths.

Map of Pebble Beach works  - Mandurah

Why is this work taking place?

This project is part of a wider program of work to be undertaken in the North Mandurah area to address the increase in demand. Growth and development in areas such as Meadow Springs and Lakelands require us to make water infrastructure upgrades.

When is this happening?

Work will commence on 17 June 2019 and is expect to finish by the end of October 2019. You may see some increased activity in the area from 10 June, as services are identified within the road. Work will take place between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. All work will be conducted by our approved contactor Avid Resources. We will keep customers updated as work progresses via this project page.

How will this impact the community?

Local residents in these areas should expect medium-level noise from trucks and an excavator laying pipework. There will also be some low-level vibrations and dust present.

We request that road verges be kept clear over this period, closest to the road reserve along the pipeline route. Access to drive ways may be temporarily blocked while the work progresses past properties. We will endeavour to give residents as much notice as possible.

A one lane road closure will occur along Pebble Beach Boulevard as the project progresses. Throughout the duration of the work, traffic management will be in place along the pipeline construction route and road users will be asked to keep to the reduced speed limit, which will be indicated through signage in these areas. Please check our website for updated traffic management information.

We are mindful that many people put a lot of time and effort into their verges. If any trees, shrubs, or lawn needs to be removed, they will be replaced and the area restored. If driveways or paving are disturbed they will also be restored and reinstated. We have taken the decision to construct in the road to avoid as much disturbance as possible. We will complete reinstate of the road as work progresses, in agreement with the City of Mandurah, to minimise disruption.

Who can I contact?

For more on the project, please email or on (08) 94202968.

For all community related enquiries, please contact Jen Woollard on or call (08) 9420 2651.

For afterhours assistance please contact our 24 hour Faults, Emergencies and Security line on 13 13 75.

17 October 2019

Work on the Pebble Beach Boulevard water pipeline is progressing well and we are now over 85% completed. Installation of the new pipeline is now complete, with testing and restoration still to be completed. Completion of this project is expected at the end of October.

To enable road restoration work, northbound lane of Pebble Beach Boulevard between Kirkland Way and Meadow Springs Drive, will be completely closed from Monday 21 October until Friday 25 October. We will ensure the roundabouts at Camden Way/Greenville Vista, Grandmere Parade, and Brookdale Way remain open to allow crossing access. We appreciate this is a large disturbance, however it is necessary to allow the work to be completed.

As this restoration is gradual, work will progress along the northbound lane in stages. You may notice work occurring outside properties on Pebble Beach Boulevard at different times. There may be an increased level of noise during this work.

Asphalting work will occur on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 October. While this work is completed, access to your driveway may be blocked for a period of up to 2 hours, if you live on Pebble Beach Boulevard. This allows for the asphalt to be laid and dry.

As work progresses, you will be informed if your property access will be impacted by our contractors. If you are not home when we try to contact you, a notification will be left in your letterbox. We will try to keep access open for as long as possible, and will assist to ensure access remains possible where practicable.

Please make sure to follow the traffic management and detour signs closely. We have had multiple reports of residents driving the wrong way down Pebble Beach Boulevard to avoid detours. If you notice this happening, please report to local WA Police on 131 444. We've already reported the issue, along with the City of Mandurah, to the police.

 Map showing Pebble Beach works - Team 2 - Stage 3 and Stage 4

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