Efficiently watering your garden

With over 40% of household water used outside the home, it’s important that we all water efficiently in the garden.

Here are some tips to help you water efficiently:

  • Remember to turn off your sprinklers if rain is forecast.
  • Water before 9am to allow plants to use water throughout the day.
  • Extend your Waterwise thinking to your garden bore, which still takes water from resources we need to conserve. Remember to only water once on your rostered watering days, even if you're using a bore!
  • Reduce sprinkler times by 2 minutes per station. Check the recommended reduced watering times for your sprinkler type.
  • Set your irrigation controller to the weather conditions and the time of year. Find your automatic controller manual
  • Replace worn nozzles and broken seals.
  • During winter, your irrigation system should be turned off.
  • Regularly check your irrigation system is in good working order.
  • For professional assistance to save water in your garden with your irrigation system, search for a Waterwise Garden Irrigator.

Irrigation systems use a lot of water and can be a reason for a high water bill


View these videos for tips and tricks on watering your garden efficiently:

Stay Waterwise in the garden!

Watering days

Using your irrigation

Water from your irrigation system can be wasted in many ways including evaporation, wind drift, watering for too long and watering where it's not needed. Make sure you check your system regularly to get the most out of your watering. 

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