Irrigation system check

Customers in Port Hedland, South Hedland, Peppermint Grove Beach, Yallingup, Cowaramup, Margaret River, Walpole and Denmark can save water in their gardens by having a certified irrigation specialist check their system for free.

We tend to 'set and forget' our irrigation controllers, but how do we know if our gardens are getting the right amount of water? If the last time you checked your sprinkler controller was when you took it out of the packet, it’s probably time for a check-up.

By signing up for this free service, we will arrange to have one of our irrigation specialists come to you, and check:

  • Sprinkler run times
  • Water efficiency
  • Minor leaks (and repairs)

This offer is available in the following areas:

South West

  • Peppermint Grove Beach
  • Yallingup
  • Cowaramup
  • Margaret River

Great Southern

  • Denmark
  • Walpole

North West

  • Port Hedland
  • South Hedland

To sign up for your free irrigation check simply submit your registration by 1 May 2020. 

Sign up for a free irrigation check

This program is available to Water Corporation residential customers connected to scheme water.

Irrigation system check - Terms and Conditions 2019-20

The Waterwise Irrigation System Check (“Program”) is a free and limited service offered to customers of Water Corporation in selected areas to reduce water use by improving irrigation efficiency.

It is important you read and understand the terms and conditions before registering for this Program.

Water Corporation offers this Program in accordance with the following terms and conditions. By participating in and registering for this Service, you are taken to have accepted these terms and conditions.


The terms in these conditions have the following meaning:

  1. Corporation means the Water Corporation;
  2. Irrigation Specialist means a person who is qualified to perform the Services and approved by the Corporation;
  3. Program means this Waterwise Irrigation System Check; and
  4. Service means the irrigation services provided in accordance with the Program.


  1. To qualify for this Program, your property must be a residential property connected to the Corporation’s scheme water supply and located in the towns listed on the Corporation’s website at

  2. Tenants may participate in the Program by seeking approval from the property owner or property owner’s agent. When registering your details, you must tick that you have sought and have approval prior to submitting your registration.

Registration and assignment of an Irrigation Specialist

  1. If you wish to participate in this Program, the registration form needs to be completed alternatively, if you cannot access this form, please contact the Corporation on 9423 7117 or email with your details.

  2. By registering for this Program, you agree and consent to the Corporation providing your name, address and contact details to the Irrigation Specialist in order for the Irrigation Specialist to contact you to arrange and undertake the Services.

  3. If the Corporation determines that you are eligible for the Program, the Corporation will provide your details to the Irrigation Specialist and the Irrigation Specialist will contact you directly to arrange and undertake the Services.

  4. Registrations of interest must be received by 1 May 2020.

  5. This Program will expire on 31 May 2020 or another date as determined by the Corporation.

Provision of Services

  1. The Services will be provided by an Irrigation Specialist who will:

      i. inspect, check and re-set your irrigation controller to best suit the needs of your lawn and garden while optimising water efficiency and ensuring it is compliant with your allocated watering days;

      ii. provide personalised instruction on how to use your irrigation controller including a demonstration of how to make seasonal adjustments;

      iii. advise on other water efficient treatments for your existing lawn and gardens;

      iv. inspect and test your irrigation system to identify broken, missing or incorrect sprinkler heads and complete minor repairs up to a maximum amount of $100.

  2. Any further repairs required under condition 8(d) which exceed the $100 limit are at the discretion of the Corporation and must be approved by the Corporation before they are undertaken. The Irrigation Specialist is responsible for ensuring repairs performed to not exceed $100 unless prior approval has been obtained.

Liability and warranty

  1. The Corporation is not liable for any damages, claims or loss whatsoever suffered as a result of you participating in the Program including performance of the Service unless, and only to the extent that, the Corporation has been negligent.

  2. For avoidance of doubt, the Corporation is not liable for any Services or other works undertaken by the Irrigation Specialist and any costs incurred by the Irrigation Specialist which are in excess of $100 and have not been prior approved by the Corporation.

  3. Please contact the Irrigation Specialist, directly, if you experience any faults with or require a warranty for the Services performed.

  4. It is your responsibility to maintain, repair and replace any Services provided in accordance with the Program.

  5. The relevant Irrigation Specialist who completed the service will be responsible for managing all aspect of customer service associated with their products and services, including but not limited to bookings, installations, warranty claims and complaints.

Privacy statement

  1. Personal information provided for the purposes of this Program and Service will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Corporation’s Privacy Policy. Details of this policy are available at