Showerhead swap

From 1 October 2019, regional customers in select towns will be able to swap two old showerheads for new water efficient models for free!

Showers make up 22% of total household water use. By simply switching to water efficient showerheads, households can save up to 20,000 litres of water each year!  Residents in the following regional towns can swap up to two old showerheads for new water efficient models absolutely free from 1 October 2019. 

Showerhead swap locations will be published on 1 October 2019.

North West

  • Karratha
  • Port Hedland
  • South Hedland

Mid West

  • Dongara
  • Port Denison


  • Kalgoorlie
  • Boulder
  • Wiluna

South West

  • Peppermint Grove Beach
  • Yallingup
  • Cowaramup
  • Margaret River

Great Southern

  • Denmark

Things to know before removing your showerhead

  • Water efficient showerheads are not always suitable for low pressure, gravity fed (in the roof) and some instantaneous or continuous supply hot water systems. Be sure to check your hot water system is compatible before removing your showerheads. 

  • If you rent your property, the property owner or landlord must agree to the replacement of the showerheads.

  • For assistance in removing and installing showerheads, we recommend you contact a licensed plumber. Search our database of Waterwise Plumbers to find someone in your area.

It's important that you read the terms and conditions before removing your showerheads.

By participating in the Showerhead Swap Program, you have accepted these terms and conditions.

To be eligible for free replacement showerhead(s) under the program:

  • You must live in one of the regional towns listed under our Regional Programs on Water Corporation’s website
  • If you are a tenant, you and the landlord must agree to participate in the Showerhead Swap Program, which includes the replacement of the old showerhead/s with showerhead/s provided under the Showerhead Swap Program.

The process:

  • You must take your old showerhead/s to an exchange point identified on Water Corporation’s website to exchange it for a new replacement showerhead, whilst supplies last.
  • A maximum of 2 old showerheads can be swapped for 2 replacement showerheads for each household, only while supplies last.
  • At the point in time that your old showerhead is accepted by the exchange point, the old showerhead becomes the property of the Water Corporation and cannot be returned to you.

You are responsible for:

  • Removal of the old showerhead, including ensuring the removal of the old showerhead is compatible with existing systems, the wall fitting(s) and plumbing.
  • If you are in any doubt, we recommend that you ask a licensed Waterwise Plumber for advice.
  • Installation of the replacement showerhead, including ensuring the installation is compatible with existing systems, the wall fitting(s) and plumbing. If you need assistance with installing the showerhead/s, we recommend you contact a licensed Waterwise Plumber. The condition, operation, maintenance, alteration, replacement, and/or removal of the replacement showerhead.
  • Directing any product faults with your new showerhead/s to the manufacturer Methven by directly calling 1300 638 483.

Water Corporation is not responsible for:

  • Removal of the old showerhead or the installation of the replacement showerhead or any damage, loss or risk caused as a result
  • The installation, operation, maintenance, operation, alteration, replacement of the replacement showerhead 
  • Any associated costs, loss or damage, incurred by participating in the Showerhead Swap Program

Additional terms:

  • The Water Corporation provides no warranty regarding the condition, capability, performance or suitability of the replacement showerhead for whatever purpose you intend to use the new showerhead.
  • The Exchange Point will act as a distribution point only for the showerhead(s) on behalf of the Water Corporation.
  • The Exchange Point bears no responsibility for any loss, damage, or claim arising out of the Showerhead Swap Program, including any loss, damage or claims associated with the removal, installation, plumbing, and or manufacturer warranties.
  • The Showerhead Swap program ends 31 May 2020, but limited stock may still be available after this time.

The replacement showerheads provided under the Showerhead Swap Program are water efficient and are not suitable for low pressure, gravity fed (in the roof), and some instantaneous or continuous supply hot water systems.