Weed policy

The Waterwise Plants for Western Australia directory does not have a role in determining the weed status of plants. Specialists employed by the State Government, at the Department of Agriculture and Food, undertake that responsibility.

Advice from the weed scientists at the Department of Agriculture and Food is that many plants that are identified ‘weeds’ in other parts of Australia, often do not pose the same level of risk in Western Australia as in the eastern states.

Given this, the following policy has been adopted and applied to the directory in order to reflect the varying levels of plant ‘weediness’ and community concerns:

  • If a plant is declared a weed under the relevant act, it will not be included
  • If a plant is determined a weed by a local authority, it is stated in the individual plant notes
  • If a plant has known potential to be a weed, but is not a declared weed, it is stated in the notes
  • If there is qualified concern about the ability of a plant to become a weed, it is stated in the notes

Should the weed status of a plant change, that change will be reflected in the next update of the directory.

You can find more information on weeds at the Department of Agriculture and Food website.